Accessible Craft Cocktail Mixers



Classic Bloody Mary

Classic Bloody Mary

Durty Gurl’s Classic Bloody Mary mix will give your cocktail the perfect blend of full bodied flavor with a touch of mild spice.

Durty Gurl Horseradish

Bloody Mary with Horseradish

Durty Gurl’s Bloody Mary mix with Horseradish is the solution for those who are looking to enhance the flavor and experience of their bloody Mary. This recipe offers a unique and flavorful cocktail offering a slight zing of subtle seasoning. Great with oyster shooters as well!

Durty Gurl Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

Bloody Mary with Habanero

Looking for a way to add some octane to your Bloody Mary? Look no further. Durty Gurl Cocktail Mixers presents our full bodied premium blend of peppers and spices with unprecedented bold flavor.


Margarita Mix

Our Margarita mix is crisp and refreshing combining a fusion of semi-sweet and sour while delivering a smooth and balanced cocktail with no residual or artificial finish.

Martini Olive Juice

Whether you refer to it as Olive Juice, Olive Brine or Martini Juice the Durty Gurl Cocktail Mixers Olive Juice is the ingredient you’ve been looking for. Made from Mother’s Brine our Olive Juice is aged naturally for 10 months using the highest quality olives from California. It delivers a full bodied, savory and balanced cocktail. Add a splash to your Bloody Mary for a superior cocktail.

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