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what Durty Gurl is about

We know what you’re thinking: It’s been a long day, maybe a long week. You’ve put in the grind and come to the conclusion that you deserve a little something for yourself. It’s been earned by the time, effort, and passion you’ve given to your craft, just like we’ve given to ours at Durty Gurl.

Durty Gurl Cocktail Mixers is the result of combining classic drinks with ingenuity of taste. We weren’t out to reinvent the wheel, but instead create a better ride, where good friends have a good time with good drinks.

Here’s where we let Durty Gurl take the wheel and drive... With our cocktail mixers, you won’t have to work so hard to create a vibe, it’s there in the bottle! Based out of Augusta, Georgia, we strive to bring the feel of our city’s locale to you no matter where you are. We know the highways and red dirt roads can all lead to a good time when Durty Gurl Mixers are involved. Whether it’s a party for one or for the whole crew, Durty Gurl raises the bar while you raise a glass. Cheers!


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